Founded in 2010, SNA Tours is one of the fastest growing tour operators in the travel industry. SNA provides a range of cultural, educational and historical adventures throughout China, India, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. Every tour is all-inclusive, tailor-made and competitively priced, promising high quality and one-of-a-kind experiences in the comfort of some of the most luxurious, four to five-star hotels throughout Asia.

SNA Tours have four worldwide dedicated sales offices in Canada, China, Vietnam and Australia. They believe in worry-free and life-enriching travel experiences, which is why they are devoted to sourcing the best travel partners to ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime and the opportunity to discover other nations, their people and their histories.

Travel big, travel smart with SNA Tours – the Masters of Travel.

Keys to Our Success

Provide superior customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our Goals

We endeavour to become the top tour provider in the Australian Travel Industry, specialising in travel in and to Asia, by positioning our company as a provider of the highest quality. We strive to stay committed to our customers and continually provide exceptional customer service.

Why choose us?

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we pay close attention to every detail when organising our tours to ensure the high standards SNA Tours is renowned for, are met. We regularly send ‘quality control’ personnel, disguised as normal travellers, to accompany our tours, to collect accurate quality reports of our hotels, buses and guides.

Unbeatable Value

Due to the strong business relationships, we have with our airline partners, hotels and local agencies, we’re able to deliver the exceptional results that SNA Tours are known for…

At SNA Tours, we are extremely proud of the hard work and effort that has gone into establishing some of our key features:
  • Smart travel – saving our customers hundreds of dollars
  • Flying with high quality and reliable airlines
  • Accommodation provided by luxury hotels
  • NO hidden fees
  • Most meals are included and are of high quality
  • Handpicked Tour Managers and Local Guides
  • Impressive itineraries – we cover the most popular tourist attractions

Our Partners

Whether you’re travelling to China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand, SNA Tours promises you a once in a lifetime adventure. With the help of our partners in the air and on land, we are confident you will enjoy your journey as you explore these countries with us.

SNA Tours differentiates itself from its competitors by offering a superior quality of 4 to 5 star accommodation.

Handpicked Tour Managers and Local Guides

Tour Guides play an important role in ensuring enjoyable and informative tours, and this is why SNA Tours has gone to great lengths to build an incredible team of professional national and local guides. Our guides have been sourced and selected to meet thorough selection criteria based on knowledge, experience and qualifications.

The selection criteria:

  1. Excellent knowledge and use of English.
  2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and are able to entertain our clients.
  3. Must have previous experience as a tour guide.
  4. Good general knowledge of area, its history and its culture.
  5. Reliable, motivated, energetic, hospitable and professional, has flair and great people skills.


We ask all of our customers to rate hotels, guides, drivers, meals, etc. Whenever a certain person/place receives repetitive complaints, we take immediate action to investigate and resolve the issue so that we do not compromise our quality. We are confident that with your feedback we will always lead the industry.

Shopping Policy

We believe in a balance between sightseeing, cultural learning and experiences, and shopping on our itineraries. Shopping stops are unavoidable; however we are the only company to limit these stops to no more than 1 hour and you have absolutely no obligation to make any purchases.

Our Accreditations

  • Member of American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
  • Member of The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA)
  • BPCPA-Trusted Travel Agent

Our Privacy Policy

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Our General Terms and Conditions

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Our Customers Love Us

The best part of our company is our customers. Click here to read some of the reviews and feedback SNA Tours has received.